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April 17, 2024

Brooklyn, NY and Online

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Hear from executives, practitioners, and industry outsiders who are influencing the new marketing playbook. Find your inspiration from the keynote stage, get tactical in afternoon workshops, or follow the digital broadcast live on AudiencePlus with commentary from our industry’s leading voices.

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Attendance onsite in Brooklyn is intentionally limited to only 300 guests in order to optimize for connection and belonging. Build meaningful relationships with fellow CMOs, Revenue & Demand Marketing executives, and Content Marketing professionals.

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Make Memories So Awesome, You'll Forget You're at Work

At Goldenhour, the medium is the message. Enjoy local goods from Brooklyn-based small businesses, shop at our merch store, participate in mind, body, and soul activations, share a dinner table with all attendees, and experience a surprise musical performance on the rooftop overlooking Manhattan at – you guessed it – golden hour.


Meet some of the luminaries speaking at Goldenhour.

Colin Fleming
EVP, Global Marketing, Salesforce
Amanda Goetz
Creator, Life's a Game
Jon Miller
Chief Evangelist, Demandbase
Camille Ricketts
Marketing, Emergence Capital
Sarah McConnell
VP Demand Gen, Qualified
Dave Gerhardt
Founder, Exit Five
Melissa Rosenthal
CMO, Insight Timer
Alex Lieberman
Co-Founder, Morning Brew
Anthony Kennada
Co-Founder & CEO, AudiencePlus
Brianne Kimmel
Founder, Worklife Ventures
Devin Reed
Head of Content, Clari
Jill Rowley
Strategy & Evangelism, Reveal
Jack Foster
CMO, Workramp
Alex Poulos
CMO, Crossbeam
Katie Berg
VP Marketing, Klue
Sangram Vajre
Co-Founder & CEO, GTM Partners

More speakers will be announced soon!

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Experience the Magic of Goldenhour

An Exclusive Rooftop Performance by
Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is an acclaimed electronic violinist and dancer, celebrated for her innovative contributions to music with four Billboard chart-topping albums and two Billboard Music Awards. She has captivated millions globally, amassing over 12.5 million YouTube subscribers and nearly three billion views, alongside significant social media followings.

Lindsey will be performing an immersive acoustic set live from the rooftop of The William Vale—overlooking the Manhattan skyline at, you guessed it, goldenhour.  This performance will be exclusive to onsite attendees in Brooklyn.

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No Sleep ‘Till

The William Vale

Homegrown in Brooklyn, The William Vale stands out as Williamsburg’s only true luxury hotel. Immerse yourself in its lively and creative culture, indoors and out. Experience the greatest city in the world from our point of view.

Discounted hotel rooms available in the link below – while supplies last.

111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249


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In-Person Agenda

Explore the schedule for Goldenhour to plan your day in Brooklyn.

6:00 AM EST
Wellness Activation
Start your morning off with an optional wellness activity to activate mind, body, and soul.
7:00 AM EST
Registration & Breakfast
Pick up your badge while enjoying warm breakfast and artisanal coffee.
8:30 AM EST
A New Dawn for the Marketing Industry
The marketing industry is in a state of reinvention. Join AudiencePlus CEO Anthony Kennada for an inspiring welcome to Goldenhour and a vision for the next chapter of our industry.
Anthony Kennada
9:30 AM EST
Why We Launched Salesforce+
Salesforce is a $288B SaaS juggernaut, and even so, one of the first movers in modern Owned Media with Salesforce+. Hear from the man behind it all, Colin Fleming, EVP Global Marketing at Salesforce, on the playbook behind building and scaling an Owned Media strategy nearly three years into its launch.
Colin Fleming
9:55 AM EST
Why the Old Marketing Playbook No Longer Works
Everyone is struggling to generate pipeline today. But the reason why is more complex than just a slow economy – but the very tactics that we’ve executed successfully for years are just no longer working. Join a conversation with B2B marketing icons on why the old playbook no longer works, and a discussion around what the new playbook may look like.
Jill Rowley
Jon Miller
Sangram Vajre
10:30 AM EST
How to Convert Thought Leadership into Revenue
Thought leadership is just a brand thing, right? A cost center? Not so - the best marketers are able to do more than just spark a movement, but rather convert that very thought leadership into sustainable revenue. Join our panel of incredible revenue marketers for a lively discussion on how to leverage thought leadership to hit your pipeline goals.
Mark Kilens
Sarah McConnell
Jo Birtle
Katie Berg
11:00 AM EST
How the CMO Role is Becoming Reinvented
CMOs have endured a lot of whiplash over the last several years – managing through uncertainty during the pandemic, scaling like crazy in the aftermath, and most recently, cutting expenses and trying to find a path towards ‘efficient growth.’ Where do we stand today? And where are we headed as a profession? We’ve brought together marketing leaders from Crossbeam, Paddle, Pavilion, and Workramp to find out.
Kathleen Booth
Alex Poulos
Jack Foster
Andrew Davies
11:30 AM EST
What CEOs Need from Marketing in 2024
How does the marketing charter evolve when new logo growth doesn’t come as easy?  We get into the mind of the CEO in this session to understand their expectations of the marketing team and how we can support business goals up and down the funnel.
Jen Spencer
Ferdi Roberts
Godard Abel
12:00 PM EST
1:00 PM EST
How to Develop a “Show” Strategy in Content Marketing (Workshop)
There’s no doubt that serialized content is the new path forward. But how do you pivot your team from performance content alone to producing content on easy mode? We’ve asked two of the best, Todd Clouser, Director of Audience Marketing at AudiencePlus and Obaid Durrani, Head of Brand and Content at Hockeystack, to walk us through their process for launching a “show” strategy for your content marketing.
Todd Clouser
Obaid Durrani
1:00 PM EST
How to Modernize Your SEO Strategy for Audience Development (Workshop)
The death of SEO has been greatly exaggerated – but the truth is that things have certainly gotten harder. We need to expand our understanding of SEO from a linear path to revenue, and into an important rented channel for audience development. Join one of the leading digital marketing experts of our time, John-Henry Scherck, Founder & CEO of Growth Plays, for an in-depth workshop on how to modernize our approach to SEO.
John-Henry Scherck
1:00 PM EST
How to Build a Modern Demand Engine in EMEA (and Not Go to Jail) (Workshop)
It’s not just demand creation that’s being reinvented, but even our ability to capture demand is evolving alongside changing buyer expectations, channels, and budgets. Tim Rath, Founder & Managing Director at Yoyaba, works with the leading marketing teams in Europe, and will share his learnings in this session on how to modernize your demand capture and conversion playbook.
Tim Rath
1:50 PM EST
How to Activate Your Customers and Teammates as Creators (Workshop)
There’s a lot of buzz around building a creator strategy in B2B - but how do you approach it?  Is it just about finding the loudest voices online, or is the answer hiding in plain sight? Join Morgan Ingram, Founder & CEO at AMP, for an in-depth workshop on how you can activate your most important assets as creators for your brand.
Morgan Ingram
1:50 PM EST
The Best Kept Secrets to Making and Distributing Exceptional Marketing Videos (Workshop)
Why do some videos go viral while others barely get views? What makes a captivating video? Derrick Rhodes, VP of Marketing at Vimeo, shares the internet's best-kept secrets and video concepts that will take your marketing videos from great to even greater. Plus, you'll get the download on the most impactful video distribution strategies.
Derick Rhodes
1:50 PM EST
How to Prove the Impact of Audience Marketing to the C-Suite (Workshop)
You’re bought into the premise of audience marketing - but can you prove the impact of the strategy on revenue to your CXOs? Join Liam Moroney, Co-Founder of Storybook Marketing and Graceanne MacDonald, Co-Founder of Storybook Marketing as they unpack how to communicate value to ensure your programs get funded year after year.
Liam Moroney
Graceanne MacDonald
2:40 PM EST
How to Build an Audience with Written Content (Workshop)
A lot of the buzz in Owned Media is around video content, but the truth is that people still read - a lot. Join this workshop to hear from Chelsea Castle, Senior Director of Content at Lavender, on how to build an audience through the written word across articles, newsletters, and other formats.
Chelsea Castle
2:40 PM EST
How to Use LinkedIn (and Other Channels) to Build a Rented Audience (Workshop)
You can’t build an owned audience without a thoughtful approach to rented distribution first. Abby Murray, Co-Founder & CEO at StoryArb, works with some of the leading voices in technology on building their LinkedIn strategy, and will share her learnings with you during this session.
Abby Murray
2:40 PM EST
How to Leverage AI to Operationalize the Marketing Funnel (Workshop)
AI gets a lot of hype for content creation, but what about leveraging AI to help operationalize workflows across the funnel? Once you see it in action, you’ll realize that without AI, your team is working with one arm behind their backs. Join Shikhar Singh, Head of Solutions at for a window into the future – or present – of AI-driven marketing.
Shikhar Singh
Nathan Thompson
3:45 PM EST
What B2B Marketers Can Learn from The Creator Economy
We are witnessing a complete transformation of the marketing practice led primarily by the creator economy. But do their lessons translate to B2B marketing teams who carry a pipeline target? We’ve brought together an expert panel at the intersection of the creator economy and enterprise software to find out.
Brianne Kimmel
Alex Lieberman
Amanda Goetz
Melissa Rosenthal
4:15 PM EST
Building a Founder Brand that Converts (and How Marketing Can Help)
People buy from people. That means it’s no longer optional for your executive team to be building and engaging their audience online. Adam Robinson, CEO at, has burst onto the scene this year generating over 18M impressions on his LinkedIn content alone. Adam will share his playbook for creating content as a CEO and how marketing can help.
Adam Robinson
4:45 PM EST
It’s the End of B2B Marketing (As We Know It)
We’ve long said that consumer marketing and B2B marketing tactics are on a collision course – even inventing weird acronyms like B2H (Business-to-Human) to describe the coming phenomenon. But with the old B2B marketing playbook no longer effective, is now finally the time?  We’ll end the day on an energetic note with an interactive game show featuring familiar names and faces to find out for sure.
Anthony Kennada
Devin Reed
Camille Ricketts
Dave Gerhardt
5:00 PM EST
Happy Hour
Join us on the rooftop of The William Vale for a happy hour reception, including structured networking with some of our favorite speakers from Goldenhour. Introverts and extroverts are welcome.
6:00 PM EST
Dinner Experience
At Goldenhour, everyone is a VIP. We’ll begin seated dinner service on the rooftop of The William Vale at 6:00 PM for all attendees, speakers, and partners. Break bread with new friends and old.
7:30 PM EST
Goldenhour Party feat. Lindsey Stirling
As the sun begins to set over the Manhattan skyline, you’ll experience an intimate acoustic performance from musical artist Lindsey Stirling, followed by a DJ set into the night to close out the inaugural Goldenhour.
Lindsey Stirling

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